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'Where Do I Start?' Guide

GFSI for Packaging and Packaging Suppliers

Why do I need GFSI certification for packaging?

GFSI certification is the ticket to doing business in the food industry.

Manufacturing facilities that are certified to a GFSI audit scheme must ensure that their contracted third-party packaging material providers and packagers comply with GFSI packaging requirements. It’s likely that you’re here because your customers are requiring you to become GFSI certified to continue doing business.

What’s in it for me?

Besides the business logic of achieving more opportunities to sell products, food packagers and packaging manufacturers benefit by reducing their food safety risks, eliminating audit redundancy, and improving operational efficiency. Investing in continuous improvement in your food safety management system allows you to confidently deliver safe food to consumers worldwide.

Packagers or packaging material manufacturers that supply to multiple GFSI-certified companies will eliminate the need for individual second-party audits from each GFSI customer by attaining GFSI certification.

What are my options?

Here are some of the options we offer for GFSI certification in packing.

How can AIBI-CS help?

Our team of office staff, auditors, and certification managers will help you along every step of the process – from selecting a certification scheme that’s right for you, to congratulating you when you finally achieve certification.

Call 1-800-633-5137 or e-mail us today to find out how we can help.